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Why Sexual Abuse is So Hard to Identify

Sexual abuse is the forcing of undesired sexual behavior on one person to another. There several dangers of sexual abuse such as strangers,family member turning on another member and even neighbors with bad intentions. Sexual abuse leads to effects such as substance abuse,post traumatic stress,sleeping disorders,eating disorders,depression,sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Sexual assault is a crime of motive and taking advantage of the opportunity and most of the crimes are usually committed by someone known to you.

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Watching pornography films with someone could pose a threat of being sexually abused by the person you are watching the film with. The abuser actually views it as the initial step of actually going on towards harming his victim. Keeping the danger out has become difficult nowadays,with today’s technology and the internet a stranger is capable of coming to your house and assault or abuse the person at home. Through the internet,the chances of coming in contact with a stranger are very high and hence increasing the chances of being abused if you decide to meet up with the stranger. Family members also posses the danger of sexual abuse since they are most trusted in the family. Inappropriate touching by someone you trust could lead to sexual abuse such as rape. In a society where sex and violence movies are a form of entertainment posses a threat because they teaches people to view power as a commodity in which they can use to demand sex. Sexual abusers tend get their dates drunk in order to get their way with them which escalates to more violent rape offenses.

The following are the effects of sexual abuse,
Post traumatic stress disorder – Victims of sexual abuse tend to experience severe feelings of stress,fear and anxiety known as post traumatic stress disorder. If the disorder is left untreated for long could grow worse and could even take months and years before the victim completely heals.
Depression – Sexual abuse victims tend to experience severe depression due to the abuse and they could need a doctor’s intervention in order to deal with the horrifying experience.
Sexually transmitted diseases – These diseases STD’s includes HIV and Aids,syphilis,chlamydia,herpes and gonorrhea. If not treated they could be very harmful to the life of the victim.
Unwanted pregnancies – Sexual assault victims do have concerns about becoming pregnant from the rape ordeal. These unwanted pregnancies could lead to abortions by the victims because they may not want to have a baby conceived through rape.
Substance abuse – Rape or sexual assault victims may turn to drugs and other hard substance in an attempt to relieve some emotional suffering experienced. Childhood sexual abuse victims may use drugs to make them forget the painful memories of sexual violence they experienced when young.

Sometimes you may not be able to protect yourself completely from sexual abuse,there are some precautions you may take to reduce the chances of being assaulted. These precautions includes; avoiding isolated areas,trusting your instincts,being aware of your surrounding and avoiding putting music earphones on both ears so as to be aware of your surrounding at any time.

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